Anti-Wrinkle Injections​​

Anti wrinkle injections is a non-surgical treatments for smoothing lines and wrinkles.

Vanish Laser Clinic’ Wrinkle Relaxing treatments are designed to smooth out those frown lines between your eyebrows, softening the crow’s feet around your eyes, and remove the lines on your forehead.

Our Anti wrinkle injections are micro-injections of a purified protein muscle relaxant which take 10 to 15 minutes to perform.

For the first 24 hours after your treatment, you  should:

  • Reframe from strenuous exercise
  • Avoid alcohol consumption
  • Avoid applying pressure to the treated area, and
  • Avoid rubbing of the treated area, wearing glasses, hats or helmets.


Prices start from $89

Treatment are performed by a Registered Nurse.

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Most frequent questions and answers!

Yes. All treatment are performed by a Registered Nurse.

Our Registered Nurse will perform a comprehensive assessment and of the areas of concern, in order to determine the best treatment options. Once the treatment options are discussed and outlined with you, a detailed and personalised treatment plan is created that targets your concerns, and also addresses your wants and needs so you can achieve outstanding visible and long-lasting results.

Immediately after the treatment you might see temporary tiny bumps at the injection site. These bumps are normal and usually settle within half an hour after your treatment. You are able to resume ordinary daily activities as per usual, with some very small exceptions listed above.